Touch is Beautiful ! (english version)

What Most Amazing and exciting that Play in a Mixed Team ???


An ARROW for Male and a Rose for Female, or maybe the other way... It not decided... What ever !!!


ARROWS NANTES is a Mixed Touch Rugby ASSOCIATION. Touch has been inspired by the Australian Rugby League within the 60 's. Nothing else but a lightly Contact with the hand (touch and not tackle !!!)


As you have noticed, our sport is a mixed one (age and gender) , that is maybe its soul and its attractive point ! By the way, the all family can play, kids love that !


So, here we are : mixed teams, no ruff contact but a touch, only played with hands, 12 per teams, 6 on pitch, sub as you wish, lots of fun, team work, friendship, speed and much pleasure to share...


And if you like Rosé, you may like ARROWS TOUCH NANTES !!!!!